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All my art, from Adoptables to Effort Arts



Jun 29, 2015
10:40 pm
Jun 29, 2015
12:12 pm
Jun 29, 2015
8:58 am
Jun 29, 2015
8:33 am
Jun 29, 2015
7:37 am



M0NSTERMUTT has started a donation pool!
3,273 / 15,000
I decided to open commissions! o3o

30 :points: Flat Color
45 :points: shaded

40 :points: Flat Color
65 :points: Shaded

80 :points: Flat Color
100 :points: Shaded

Pixel Icon
30 :Points:

+5 Points Double Icons
Please specify if you want fullbody or whatnot.

40 :Points: Plain Color
75 :Points: Shade + Color
These will be fullbody unless otherwise requested. Less than fullbody will also get discounted.

Reference of your character
50 :points: for side view + mouth/paws/eyes/info
100 :points: for side and front view + mouth/paws/eyes/info
200 :points: for side, back, and front view + mouth/paws/eyes/info/options like clothing

Full Drawing
100 :Points: Flat Color + Simple Background
150 :Points: Shade + Color + Detailed Background

Every Extra Character
20 Points

Ask me about anything else
I will also accept paypal offers
I can do feral, anthro, some mecha, and I can attempt humans.
I prefer if you pay after I'm done
Want a different piece of art? Note me what you want, the character, and I'll arrange a good price c:

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M0NSTERMUTT's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm the weirdest kid in town but I'm a friendly french fry
I am 15 currently ^^

Why can't we all just get along

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2015, 2:23 PM

I mean species are stupid like
Draw what you want!!
People hate on sugar sharks for being desert based or something but come on they're sharks!
People hate on me and run to their idol to say wowe squnks nope nope nope
How many adopts have you seen with curly tails? I mean come on now guys
I'm claiming a squirrel tailed skunk for Christ sake
I'm even being petty really
Crocodile kangaroos? Woah I thought hard on these!
I mean yeah I put my time and effort into these all so in a way they're mine? But I'm not going around bashing everyone that made a cartoon skunk or squirrel!

Like I do enjoy drawing cinnas but the community has it so far up their tailholes that I'm a terrible person that random people start hating me and in turn I end up hating them all!!
I've met some people with cinnas that have some of my species, that enjoy both because they realize they're DIFFERENT THINGS AND THEY CAN DRAW WHATEVER THEY WOULD LIKE!
I mean, if I drew a cinnadog with shark anatomy and then uncoiled its tail and gave it massive claws, would it still be okay? No
So I draw my skinny shark creatures and like them!
Would a rodent be the same as a bear dog? Apparently to ignorant people they are but come on now they really aren't you're just being rude and inconsiderate
I wish everyone could just be nice to each other?
But it's hard when you draw a curled tail and someone whines to cinnabutt (who by they way only ever was rude to me and my friend, then gets upset over my stuff that's not even the same? Turn off to "cinnas" much?)
and when you draw closed eyes on a small dog and it's "sushidog"
When that's not even your intent??
Like dang people shouldn't get hated for drawing what they want to draw jesus
If people would actually be nice maybe everyone could be nice to eachother but everyone on here is like jealous freaks or something

At least for now with these feels ALL MY SPECIES ARE OPEN SO LONG AS YOU SHOW ME
Because who am I to say you can't make a squirrel skunk or a kangaroo crocodile or newtlike pincushion etc.,??

  • Mood: Artistic

Art that needs to be done:


SesameSeedBuns - Banana Wafer Pudding Squnk
ThePyroKitty - 3 tailed Squnk
SendPennington - Eclair Squnk
Storminq - Tiger Lily based on Calla Lily

Art Trades:
LittleMissStitch - Goth Rock SS and Lobster tailed SS

Other (G+)
Fullbody Shaded (White / yellow wolf) LEXA
Two Halfbody Shaded for Megan Wolf

Do you like victor better with white or without? 

14 deviants said Traxon Refsheet 2015 2 by M0NSTERMUTT
3 deviants said Traxon Refsheet 2015 by M0NSTERMUTT
1 deviant said i wanna raise the funds to make a suit but idk which to do!
No deviants said also if you can, comment if you like Traxon or Victor better for name.



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httpdogs Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
ALSO what if kangoos and crocoroos are from the same person, who created the goo mutation project and they got loose
M0NSTERMUTT Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would work since technically my headcanon world The Ninth Circle is where all my critters originate. Human make things that go wrong or cannot be forever supported on earth and bam bigger planet more resources they can go back and forth too. You could do some squnks but show me? owo

Ps any light on the species co own between us with crocs and kangoos?
Pss i missed you dear where have you been hiding ;w;
httpdogs Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
yes yeeSS
aah ok !!!

still thinking aha
ive been out and about with my parents aa
M0NSTERMUTT Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well if they come from the same guy and we co own we can work better on both together ^w^
Woo squnk what themes ya thinking?
Ive been a lonely loser lol
httpdogs Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
AAH hey hot stuff
i was wondering if i could design some squnks ? 
or how much are customs, if i cant afford maybe i can give you smthn in return
DeadlyToxins337 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hello!! I finally will be able to show you the actual design I wanted for the.... Squnk.... I think it was.... Give me a minute or two plz!!

You can sell the other one.

Also i will be creating a new account called ShadowCaptain
M0NSTERMUTT Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DeadlyToxins337 Featured By Owner 4 days ago

I'll delete the after (if) you accept it.

Which I hope you will.

Deadpool is like so awesome.

But don't worry. The swords aren't real. Those are kept at his home. Those are just plastic ones.
M0NSTERMUTT Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should post it to your scraps. I love it but can't save probably until late next week if im allowed at the library then ;w; i came home a littl late last night and might be grounded
(1 Reply)
beetlebite Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant

omg i keep finding things that are closed for me and??? i'm so confused what do i actually have because it's so hard to keep track
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