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Suicune by M0NSTERMUTTA wild Nectar appeared! by 3D-BITESgrenny icon by M0NSTERMUTTGren's Kisses by MonochromeRaverIcon For Me And David by M0NSTERMUTTTraxon icon by Spectrapaws by M0NSTERMUTTTraxon Omnom Icon by M0NSTERMUTTTraxon |Com| by ZorenKoNekoM0NSTERMUTT (1/2) by FriendIsHereM0NSTERBUTT by IegnA


Aug 30, 2015
8:15 am
Aug 30, 2015
7:49 am
Aug 29, 2015
8:27 pm
Aug 29, 2015
6:57 pm
Aug 29, 2015
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M0NSTERMUTT has started a donation pool!
3,783 / 15,000
I decided to open commissions! o3o

. : RULES : .
-I prefer if you send payment after I finish your art
-I will accept some fetishes like blood and bondage but I do not accept babyfur / foot / inflation ;w;
-Don't rush me if the commission takes a little while, but you can say "hey how is ___ going" because once in a while I forget ;w;
-Send a clear picture or refsheet please

Anthro or Feral Accepted
300 :points: or $3 paypal

EXTRA CHARACTER +50 :points: / $0.50
Please include any specifics ex. winter party hugs etc

Anthro or Feral Accepted
150 :points: or $1.50 paypal

Anthro or Feral Accepted
500 :points: or $5 paypal

Anthro or Feral Accepted
150 :points: or $1.50 paypal

Anthro and Feral Accepted
75 :points: or $1 paypal



Anthro Accepted
160 :points: or $1.50 paypal

Anthro and Feral Accepted
80 :points: or $1 paypal


Anything but human accepted
200 :points: or $2 paypal

100 :points: or $1 paypal
Anything but human
Usually headshots!

Eventually these will go up to at least meet the prices I have on G+
I shade at random depending on my mood but tell me if you would definitely not like shading!

Until further notice, any customs of my species are 200 :points: and if they have traits (crocs, squnks, sugar sharks) please tell me traits
Otherwise normal designs (wolves, cats, etc.) I can do customs for 100 :points:
Please tell me on normal customs if you want something stripey spotty colorful natural whatever or if you want tell me something like "a natural wolf with spectacular rainbow crystals"

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M0NSTERMUTT's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm the weirdest kid in town but I'm a friendly french fry
I am 15 currently ^^

Important Updates -Includes cheap icon commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 9:34 AM

Just a couple of things.

First off, if you ever see Insanity-Pup saying negative things about me, ignore them.
They claimed I stole two of their characters. The funniest part is that one of the characters I supposedly stole? Mine was made over 4 years earlier than theirs. Please do explain how I stole theirs.
Now see, yes they have similar colors. No, they are NOT the same.
Supposedly Trax Traxon Reference 2015 by M0NSTERMUTT Is a ripoff of everything that I need by Insanity-Pup
And my partial, Spitz (generic name - tells specie) Spitz by M0NSTERMUTT  is a ripoff of Nyx ref by Insanity-PupMayhem Nyx and Jackson by Insanity-Pup when yet again, my suit was created many months earlier. It may have been posted slightly later. but I made it last year if I remember and it was sold and technically belongs to a friend.
First off, I have NEVER stolen an oc, fursona, etc., because I know how upsetting it is.
Besides, I'm not looking for trouble. I know better than to steal like that.
Second off, don't go bashing this person. This is just a warning that they are trying to start things with me, to ignore them if they say things about me that are negative.

Anyways, their boyfriend's fursona IS similar. However, they admitted to being heavily inspired by tayerr. They got permission to keep the character. So, obviously if I was stealing from anyone I'd have to go all the way to the root source; tayerr. They were my friend at one point and I have drawn them gift art with trax in it, meaning they have seen traxon before and they liked him, I am far from tayerr and still far from their boyfriend. I have been nearly the same with Trax since making him on my previous account when I was 11 or so (I am 16 now.); I have added the white, given him hair, made his rib stripes connect, made his tail stripey rather than reverse husky, made his ear stripes not go through the insides of the ears, and given him pointy teeth. All minor changes. So it's not like I revamped to steal either. Here's the thing. YES; They both have black and lime green, they both have toe markings, they both have side stripes and ear stripes. but here's the difference; Trax has three ear stripes, then tipped with white. He has three rib stripes that do not go all the way around his belly, three tail stripes, and toe markings are on most future fursuit fursonas. The accusation of me stealing the other's fursona is just as petty as the revolution of people claiming any green and black character was a tayerr copy when tayerr first became a popular furry.
Now, for Spitz. This is even worse than the previous accusation. The only thing? They share the fact of having purple pink and white. My partial was made as practice from scraps of fur after creating other things. Yes, they both have ear markings and a black nose, but that's IT. Spitz has full (or mostly full) ear markings, which are just flipflopped spots. The given character has symmetrical striping only at the very tips. Their character has odd colors on their handpaws, not even with the fingers alternating colors. Spitz has paws that yet again are just flipflopped and they are in no way even similar to the given character's paws.
They also claim that a character they have cannot be used because of the species it is. We all know my problematic specie, but if you want to get on my case, the most similar creature I have found to it is the Neopet called Usul. Also, any of you that know my species should know already that MY SPECIES ARE NOT ABLE TO BE CHANGED INTO ANOTHER SPECIES, meaning that if for some reason, say, you had a snark shark and you wanted it to be a Water Dog, that would not be allowed.

Anyways, aside from that fight...
If any of you want icons from me, I will be charging $1.50 paypal for non animated and $2.50 for animated ones. I was basically kicked out of my home and I need to at least pay a little bit around the place I am if I want to stay. I will do as many icons as you want if you pay $10 and up! Shading can be added in for another $0.25 in statics and $0.50 animated
Static - Pinata Icon by M0NSTERMUTTGraveyerd Icon by M0NSTERMUTTKangoo Icon for codahawke by M0NSTERMUTTPierce Icon for Vainis by M0NSTERMUTTGuillermo Pixel Icon for Sesameseedbuns by M0NSTERMUTTRap Dragon Icon by M0NSTERMUTTPierce Icon by M0NSTERMUTTYum Icon by M0NSTERMUTT
Group style! - Squnk Family Icon by M0NSTERMUTTSugar Shark Icon by M0NSTERMUTT
Animated - Soda Icon by M0NSTERMUTTThriller icon by M0NSTERMUTTRoy the Water Dog Blink Icon by M0NSTERMUTTKurage by M0NSTERMUTT
If you want one of the icons, please specify if you want static or animated, shaded or unshaded, and provide a clear picture or refsheet.

  • Mood: Artistic

Art that needs to be done:


SesameSeedBuns - Banana Wafer Pudding Squnk
SendPennington - Eclair Squnk
Squishyorbs - Squnk (LINED)

Art Trades:
Toxicrebellion - I don't think either half is done

Other (G+)
Fullbody Shaded (White / yellow wolf) LEXA
One Halfbody Shaded for Megan Wolf

Really Adorable Konoko (CS) raffle 

1 deviant said and them colors hnng so pretty
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No deviants said It is just so adorable



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also her bf says if you got a probalem with Tox go to 
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I think you and CarcassCake need to get a life.
Trax and Tox are both similar to tayerr.
Tayerr is ok with both designs.

insanity-pups boyfriend did not notice yours was older.

let it go?

like seriously.
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